The time of the dinner is one of the most delicate when you are carrying out a diet to lose a few kilos, since you are just going to make a calorie expenditure during the night, so if at that time we spent with the food, you can spoil all the sacrifice carried out during the day. That is why we are going to give a series of tricks to achieve weight loss while we are sleeping.

Take little salt

So that the next morning we can wake up without feeling bloated, it is best to avoid foods that are rich in sodium because otherwise it will produce a fluid retention, which in addition to preventing weight loss, can even achieve that we get up with bags under our eyes.

Therefore, it is best to take a healthy dinner that includes a portion of protein without fat that can be accompanied by steamed vegetables.

Plan the next day’s meal the night before

It is better that we prepare the food that we are going to take to work or that we leave it ready for when we get home, the night before, in this way we will avoid ending up chopping things that we should not if we decided to prepare it at the same time.

Exercise during the evening / night

Burn calories and sweat will always help us lose weight, but also if we exercise in the next hours to get into bed, we will get better rest and sleep more deeply, which also helps you lose weight because it It secretes a greater amount of melatonin, which causes more calories to be burned.

Drinking water

The intake of water helps our body to cleanse and eliminate toxins and waste in a more effective way, in addition to preventing fluid retention. Anyway, if we do not want to get up to go to the bathroom at midnight, it is better to stop drinking water about an hour before going to bed.

Sleeping completely in the dark

It is essential that the dream is very deep and is more likely to fall asleep more deeply if we do it in total darkness. And as we said before, the longer we sleep deeply, the more melatonin we will secrete, which helps to metabolize and burn fat. It is necessary to ensure that no light comes from the street or that there is in the fourth artificial light.

Try not to spend heat sleeping

According to a study carried out by the National Institute of Health Clinical Center, it has been discovered that people who sleep in a room that is cool, burn more calories than those who sleep in a warmer room, up to seven times more!

Avoid carbohydrates at night

Carbohydrates provide a lot of energy although they are assimilated more slowly and when we are sleeping we do not need extra energy supply, since the calorie expenditure is minimal, therefore, the energy provided by these foods, which we are not going to spend while we sleep, the We will store in the form of fat.

That is why it is better to take carbohydrates in the early hours of the day because we will release energy more slowly, in addition to helping us to avoid hunger throughout the day and having enough energy to carry out daily tasks. Starting at six o’clock in the evening when the rhythm goes down, carbohydrates contribute to the formation of fat since they do not consume their nutrients immediately.

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