Discover which are the best machines in the gym to burn calories. It is recommended in any case, start with a low or medium intensity exercise routine to then increase the effort, both speed, inclination, etc.

Static or fixed bicycle

Undoubtedly this is the most popular and beneficial gym machine, estimating that you can lose between five hundred and nine hundred calories per hour. Its impact on the joints is very slight and does not require technique or previous training, you just have to sit and give pedals. The saddle has to be adjusted so that the knees extend 90%.

The bad thing about this bike is that it can be a monotonous exercise that we get bored easily from. That’s why you can take the opportunity to listen to some music or watch television while you’re pedaling. Also, as the sessions go by, you can adjust the loads, get up from the chair and even attend spinning classes.


With this machine you can burn between four hundred fifty and six hundred and fifty calories per hour. For its use, it is necessary to program the time it is calculated to be used. On the treadmill you can not only walk, but also jog or run and even simulate moments of a real race with climbs, descents, sprints, etc., thanks to the programs that tell you that they are changing inclinations and speeds. It should be used sparingly as it has a large impact on the joints, especially on the knees.

Step or climber

With the use of the climber you can burn approximately four hundred calories for one hour. It has programs like the tape and allows you to perform cardio exercises that help you lose weight. It consists of two platforms on which the feet are placed and the climb is simulated by a staircase.


Between three hundred and six hundred calories are burned in an hour with this machine which is a combination of the climber, the belt and the bicycle. It is not recommended for people who have knee problems because their impact is very high. It is recommended to keep the abdomen contracted to strengthen it as well as having a straight back to avoid pain.

Hydraulic oar

Between three hundred and seven hundred calories are burned with this machine since it works both the upper and lower train, in addition to strengthening the abdominals. The movements of a rower in a canoe are simulated. Be very careful with your shoulders and knees and always keep your back straight.

Some hydraulic oars have programs, and if you work with an intensity that is moderate or high, you can get to burn more calories than those burned with the tape.

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