The body is wise and it is always talking to us, that is why it is very important to learn to listen to it to know what it wants to tell us. And with the theme of the dream, it also does it. And is that not enough sleep has very negative consequences such as stress, feeling tired, damage to cognitive functioning, as well as a higher risk of suffering more serious ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Therefore, before a lack of sleep turns into a chronic disorder and leads to more serious health problems, we must take into account the signals that the body releases in the form of a warning and that should not be overlooked. Take note of the following notices that your body sends you to tell you that you are not getting enough sleep.

Constant hunger

If the body does not get the energy it needs sleeping, it has to try to get it from another place, for example from the food. And is that not enough rest makes the production of the hunger hormone, known as ghrelin, increase. Also not getting enough sleep can also affect another hormone called eptina, which is responsible for regulating the feeling of fullness. Therefore, if you do not sleep enough, you are more vulnerable to cravings, since it is more difficult to interpret the signals that the body emits to stop eating.

Concentration and reduced mental agility

When you are tired, you are out of the game because lack of sleep directly affects cognitive performance, which means that essential functions, such as problem solving, time management or decision making, they become more difficult to perform, making it very “uphill” to carry them out.

Emotions can also be altered by not getting enough sleep. For example, if you have gone from a state of happiness to a state of practically permanent sadness, or you react differently before situations that you would not have affected in the same way, are signs that you need more hours of sleep.

On the other hand the lack of rest can play with the memory, since when it is tired it is more difficult to form memories. And is that getting enough sleep is essential for the long-term health of the brain.

But emotions are not the only ones that become a more difficult subject to control when you do not get enough sleep, since the body also does it and the day to day can turn into a day of chaos in which you stumble over everything or all things fall out. And is that when you are very tired, there is a general lapse in neurological function, so the information is not processed correctly.

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