In order to have a defined and fine waist, it is necessary to take into account various aspects such as nutrition, exercise and localized massages. If you combine all you can achieve excellent results.

Techniques and tricks for an enviable waist

There are many tricks and techniques that can be used when working in this area. One of them is the hula hop, a technique that although it is not too well known is excellent for working the waist area. While it is used, in addition to entertaining, the middle part of the body is exercised. For this you must keep this instrument circling around your waist for five minutes. You can also choose to use two or three hoops to add more difficulty to the exercise.

Another option is to dance. This exercise is one of the most complete that exists, helping to reduce fat and keep the body firm. You can take dance lessons or perfect some style like merengue or salsa. In this way the deposits of fat that accumulate around the abdomen are burned.

Another excellent way to work the waist is to carry out some specific routines for this area like the abdominals and if they are with weight, much better, since you will tone the waist more quickly. You can use a dumbbell or a ball for it. Placed on the floor, stretch your arms holding the weight and flex your legs slightly while placing your back at 45 degrees. Hold this position and turn your waist without flexing your arms.

Another exercise that you can practice is standing and right, open your legs and with the left hand touch the right touch the tip of the left foot and vice versa. You have to do 20 repetitions.


Swimming out of the water is another exercise that you can practice. Stand on your stomach and stretch your legs and arms. Start moving them as if you were swimming for 30 seconds. Rest 5 and start again.

The turns are the best way to work the waist and for this you have to place a stick or a tube behind the neck and hold it with your arms, so you can make a controlled turn that must be repeated at least 25 times.

The massage is another way to reduce the waist without needing to go hungry. There are reducing creams that are perfect for this function. It is advisable to massage this area three times a week and better if it is done in the morning before exercising. A great trick to enhance the effect of the cream is to cover the area with film and leave it for 40 minutes.

Finally it is advisable to drink 2 liters of water each day, as well as take 3 green teas a day, drink a glass of water with lemon juice when getting up and take a glass of carrot juice before meals.

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