There are many people who at some point in their life have suffered from obesity and having had to undergo some treatment, diet or even surgery in order to get a more stylized figure. The problem is that there are areas that tend to flaccid more easily as the legs, arms or abdomen.

In particular, the arms, especially the area of ​​the triceps, can become a real complication, more aesthetic than health, especially for women. If what you are looking for is to eliminate this flaccidity and tone your arms, we offer you some routines that will make you achieve it if you train daily.

What is there to do?

Before starting to work this area, it is very important that you work your whole body in general and take a healthy diet that helps eliminate fat throughout the body and then focus on specific parts.

For this you can start by reducing the portions of food and take a diet that allows you to eat five times each day, as well as change certain habits such as drinking skim milk instead of whole milk and eating foods that are low in fat.

Very important is also the realization of some type of exercise, being one of the most advisable to walk. Simply leaving each day to walk for twenty or thirty minutes, you will lose weight in addition to getting a physical condition at the same time mental, much healthier.

Lose your arms

The best option for weight loss arms is the use of weight, whether weights or dumbbells that allow you to exercise the muscles of this area. In this way it is possible for them to contract and tone themselves. In any case there are other options that allow you to exercise the arms without too much effort. Take note.


To strengthen the biceps you can fill two bottles of water of a liter or half a liter and grab one with each hand placing them with the elbow bent towards the body. The elbow is then extended to an angle of 90 degrees. Four sessions of this movement must be repeated fifteen times.


This exercise is very similar to that of the biceps, with the only difference that the lift will be up. You should take two bottles as in the previous case and raise your arms above your head to lower them back by flexing your elbow. The arm is extended again and this movement is repeated fifteen times.

Abdomen-arm combination

With this exercise the shoulders, the back and the abdomen are exercised. The elbows are joined at the height of the chin and then the hands are joined with the palms facing upwards. Sitting upright, the elbows are raised until they reach the forehead and without separating them. This movement is repeated twenty times.

With these tricks you can begin to lose weight in this area that usually worries us so much. We just have to apply them and start showing off a toned and slender figure.

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