You still have time to get a flat stomach and a body ten this summer thanks to the hypopressive abdominal technique. Take note.



What are hypopressive abdominals?

This type of abdominals are based on breathing techniques and principles that teach reeducation of posture, such as yoga, a discipline that has been practiced for more than five thousand years.

This method in particular consists of expelling as much air as possible from the lungs and keeping the breath while the abdomen contracts, something that contributes to a much flatter belly, to reduce the waist, to reduce back pain, to work pelvic floor in order to avoid urinary incontinence and in general, to strengthen the entire central area of ​​the body.

Why do they work?

While this type of exercise is being performed, the pressure within the abdomen is reduced, something that does not happen when other types of abdominal techniques are carried out. With this decrease in pressure what is achieved in protecting the internal organs and repositioning them. In addition, the waist is reduced and a reflex contraction of the pelvic floor muscles occurs.

At the moment in which this exercise is carried out, it is necessary to be in respiratory apnea, that is, with the lungs empty of air, because this is how it is going to achieve an important decrease of the intra-abdominal pressure since the diaphragm is elevated and relaxed .

How to make them?

One way to do this is to place your feet in parallel, taking care that there is a gap of about twenty centimeters between them. The knees have to be semi-flexed to place the hands with fingers and wrists in extension and the elbows somewhat flexed. The weight of the body has to move to the tip of the feet.

Then all the air is expelled and when there is no air left in the lungs, the gut is inserted as much as possible. Between ten and twenty seconds you have to keep trying to get air but without ever taking it. This exercise should be repeated for ten minutes at the beginning and then extended until twenty minutes.

Benefits of hypopressives

In addition to improving the abdominal aesthetic aspect in a fairly short period of time, the practice of these exercises improves sexual life and urinary incontinence problems by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. For the same reason accelerates recovery and toning during the postpartum stage because these exercises also strengthens the abdominal girdle getting again, if you had before pregnancy, a flat stomach, or getting it for the first time thanks to the Hipopressive abs.


Although practically everyone can perform this type of exercise, people suffering from hypertension should avoid it, since periods of apnea can be counterproductive. Likewise pregnant women should not perform this type of training.

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