Fat in the chest is not only a problem for men, since many women also suffer from it. That’s why today we want to teach you a very effective exercise routine to reduce it. Take note.


The exercises that we will expose next can be practiced between two and three times a week. It is recommended to do three series with twelve repetitions, although you can always add some more if you feel that you are short. The best thing to do is to use dumbbells or balls, but if you do not have any of this at hand, you can do it with a few bottles of water or a few bags of sand.

Pull over lying

In this case you will need to lie on a smooth surface facing upwards and with your legs well supported on the floor and flexed. In this position the arms are stretched towards the ceiling while holding the dumbbells and when they are fully extended they are carried backwards over the head. Then it returns to the initial position.

Pressures at chest height

For this exercise it is best to use a large or small Pilates ball, the important thing being that you can hold it with both hands at the height of your chest. In this position you stand with your legs slightly apart, or if you prefer, you can sit on a chair. What you need to do is press the ball with both hands for at least 10 seconds.


The push-ups are perfect for working the arms, back and chest. To do this exercise lie on your stomach and rest your hands on the floor, at shoulder height. A board position must be maintained while the body is moving, flexing the arms. You should touch the floor with your chest and then climb.

Dumbbell opening

On a bench or on the ground you should lie down and grab a dumbbell with each hand. Place the arms open and stretched to the sides of the body. Hold it tight until the dumbbells touch and lower your arms again with much control.

As a complement to all these routines, it is advisable to also practice aerobic exercises, since although it does not normally allow you to lose fat from a specific area, it does help to reduce excess body fat. Of course, food also plays a fundamental role.

It is essential that you bear in mind, that especially in this area of ​​the chest, the process to lose fat is slower and more progressive than in another part of the body. In any case, whether you want to reduce chest or what you want are more defined pectorals, all the above will work, but you must be patient and constant, and of course, make sure you take a diet correct.

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