Metabolism is a set of chemical and physical processes of the organism that are related to digestion, temperature, respiration and circulation. If you want to accelerate it to lose weight more easily, you can do it with some tips and natural remedies. Take note.


Drinking water

With this simple habit so recommended by doctors and how hard it is to comply, it is an excellent accelerator of metabolism. Drinking small sips of water throughout the day from the moment you get up and fasting, until you lie down, keeps the body with a stable metabolism. In addition toxins are eliminated and the accumulation of liquids is avoided.

If you have a hard time drinking water, you can add a little lemon juice and drink it hot or cold as you wish. Always go with the bottle next to you and you will not forget it.

Combat sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary is the worst enemy of metabolism. The hours that are spent in front of the computer or television and office work aggravate this situation. That’s why you have to propose getting out of the chair every half hour a couple of minutes to move a little or do some stretching. Although it seems insignificant, it will have a positive effect on the metabolism. Do not forget to do two or three times a week exercise of medium or high intensity.

To rest well

Although throughout the day you have to stay active, at nightfall, you have to have a sufficient rest and quality. And is that the body follows a biorhythms marked by sunlight and since dark falls to activate the rhythm again at dawn. 
If you suffer from insomnia, it is best to practice meditation or relaxation for at least one hour before going to bed. We must try not to be surrounded by electronic devices because they alter the nervous system, making it difficult to sleep at night.

Eat several times a day

People who have a slow basal metabolism should eat small amounts but several times a day. Thus, five meals a day should be made with satiating and nutritious foods, but without becoming too full. With these meals together with the water that will be drunk on an empty stomach, the metabolism will remain constant throughout the day.

Season with spices

The spices used in the kitchen with excellent activators of metabolism. It is recommended to consume cayenne pepper every day, one of the best stimulants in the body, in addition to promoting the production of gastric juices, burning more calories and achieving greater body heat. You have to start consuming it little by little so that the digestive tract is not irritated. You should start with a pinch and gradually increase the amount.

Ginger is perfect for seasoning fish, meat, desserts, lemonades and smoothies to be stimulating, diuretic and digestive. Cinnamon, especially Ceylon, is digestive, stimulating and improves circulation.

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